Gel with high concentration of Arnica montana
Use Arnica-Phar® for bruises, bumps and muscle fatigue.

For the whole family from 1 year of age.

Range of food supplements:

  • CURCU-PHAR® Forte keeps your joints supple and strong. (Curcuma longa L. extract)
  • CURCU-PHAR® Ultra keeps the joints supple and strong (1,2), keeps the muscles supple (3) and supports the maintenance of the cartilage (4). (1 – Curcuma longa L. extract, 2 – Boswellia serrata extract, 3 – Vitamin D3, 4 – Vitamin C)

The unique patented formula of CURCU-PHAR®  uses natural cyclodextrins to increase the solubility of curcumin up to 1592 times.


CBD-PHAR® is a CBD oil of natural origin, non-psychoactive, produced in a Belgian laboratory. Four concentrations are available: 5%, 10%, 20% and 40% and CBD-PHAR is available in five products. Each lot number has an independent certificate of analysis, which can be found here.

NEW in the range : CBD-PHAR® Broad Spectrum + Melatonine and CBD-PHAR® Broad Spectrum + Curcumine.

CBD-PHAR® Gel cream is a health product for external use based on Cannabidiol (CBD). It can be used, among other things:
• In cases of muscle stiffness;
• To keep muscles and joints supple;
• In case of tired muscles and/or joints;
• To recover after a physical effort.



Active Iron – iron food supplement in tablets. Active Iron High Potency is Kind & Strong, its non-constipating formula helps reduce gut irritation from iron, meaning it’s kind enough to take on an empty stomach. Active Iron targets the body’s natural transporter for iron absorption, called DMT-1. This means it is strong on absorption and in tune with the body’s needs.

A shorter needle for better diabetes management reduces the risk of intramuscular injections and can therefore reduce the risk of hypoglycaemia.

Dietogel is a support for people who want to lose weight. Dietogel contains glucomannan, which is the essential component of the fibres of the Amorphophallus konjac root.

The Doliderm collection of shower gels and shampoos offers a unique experience by combining pleasure with gourmet fragrances and effectiveness with a healthy formulation resulting from the work of expert pharmacists. Rich in organic shea butter to ensure optimal hydration for the comfort of sensitive or dry skin.

The Evian® Brumisateur® is the only existing spray based on natural mineral water from the Alps.

Aeromedik, the right aerosol for every need. Thermomedik to obtain a precise and digital temperature.

MANIX® condoms are considered to be the finest in the world. Skyn condoms are made from Skynfeel® , a revolutionary synthetic fabric based on polyisoprene. Unlike latex, it does not contain natural rubber.


Inhalation chamber optimised for pulmonary deposition of inhaled corticosteroids.